Equipment Resources

Listed below are some resources to help you mold your boots and keep your blades sharp and in good condition. Always ask your coach if you have any questions about any of your equipment.

Heat Molding Instructions

The boots of most speed skates are moldable which means all stiff areas of the boot can be molded in a standard oven to the shape of the skaters foot. Instructions for each manufacturer are listed below:



Blade Maintenance

It is important to ensure that your skates are completely dry before storing or transporting your skates.

  • After skating, use a cloth or towel to wipe the blades dry
  • Use soft covers to transport and store your skates. The plastic guards retain moisture and will rust your blades

Plastic guards should be used to protect your skates when walking to and from the ice. Dirt can accumulate in plastic guards, so rinse them out occasionally.

Skate Sharpening Instructions

DG Tips: Skate Sharpening

Skating Resources

Below are some drills that you can watch and talk about with Coach John, Coach Ryan and Coach Chris. They encourage lots of questions and are there to help.

Learn How to Dry Skate

Top 5 Fundamental Drills to Master





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